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From instruction to gear sales and full service of everything we sell, we will be able to suit all your needs on personal level. 

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YOU. Our focus and philosophy is on YOU. We move forward and progress at your pace, not ours. 

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Small Groups. We consider ourselves concierge divers. We will keep groups small and tailored to YOUR needs. 



SIN CITY DIVERS is now instructors for the National Stop the Bleed Campaign. We will be taking part in the National Stop the Bleed Day. For me details and personal story on how Robert was affected, visit the course page at 


Based in Las Vegas, Nevada we have immediate access to Lake Mead and Lake Mohave Recreational Areas. And with close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, we dive some of the most highly rated dive sites in the continental United States and Northern Mexico   

Underwater Fun

From casual snorkeling to PADI Professional Ratings, we provide training for you to comfortably and competently explore the underwater world

SIN CITY Divers is continuing its position to be a partner in the diving community. Join us in supporting the Catalina Island Hyperbaric Chamber. View the many options to participate and learn how to donate by clicking the link above, or by visiting www.chamberday.org



SCUBA Instruction and Consulting Services 

Experience. We have top rated instructors and trainers that have the background, experience and knowledge to help you fulfill your dreams and goals. 


SIN CITY DIVERS is pleased to announce that Robert has joined the ranks of DAN Examiners. As an Examiner, Robert is responsible for training DAN Instructors and Trainers in the DAN Education Suite. Examiners are invited to to the workshop based on performance, dedication and commitment to DAN.