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In keeping with our mission to be a partner in the diving community, Sin City Divers will be promoting Chamber Day 2018. With our proximity to Southern California, divers in Las Vegas often take the short drive to some of North Americas most pristine diving. As many of you know, Robert is a full crew volunteer at the Catalina Island Hyperbaric Chamber, part of the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center on the West end of beautiful Catalina Island. Injured divers can come from anywhere along the California Coast, from Ventura County to San Diego County. Patients can arrive by Coast Guard, LA County Fire Department, LA County Sherrifs Department, Bay Watch or private boat. Founded in 1974, the Catalina Island Hyperbaric Chamber is one of only 2 in the country that provides 24/7/365 emergency hyperbaric services to the diving community. The chamber does not provide routine wound care or other hyperbaric services making it available to divers only. In order to do this, the chamber must rely on volunteers. This team of dedicated volunteers commute and stay on the island to provide this emergency service. When not treating divers, they continuously train on chamber operations, perform educational seminars, facility maintenance and perform fundraising. If you take part in Southern California Diving, know the dedicated volunteer crew of the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber will be there for you. 

The chamber receives approximately 50% of its annual budget from LA County. The other 50% must be raised by the volunteers. This can come from individual an corporate donations, branded clothing and accessories, diver day at the aquarium, annual Catalina Island Harbor Cleanup and of course this event, Chamber Day and Chamber Eve. There are many ways you can participate. 

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 2, 2018, as that’s the date for the 30th annual Chamber Day where SoCal’s finest dive boats donate their services for the day to benefit our Chamber. The full roster of confirmed participating boats (in alphabetical order) are: Asante, Cee Ray, Pacific Star, Sundiver, Sundiver Express, and Westerly. At this time, Giant Stride, Hattitude, Second Stage are in limbo due to some issues at Ports O Call. We'll update those when we hear more. (And for those who can’t take the day off or don't dive, there’s always the Flying Dutchman.) Your charter fee is donated by the boat to the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber program. 

CHAMBER DAY: Sign up for the boat you want to go on. We’ll hold a reservation for you for 72 hours, but after that spots are guaranteed only when your donation is received. Note that we only have 135 confirmed spots available this year so don't get left behind. Your donation of $110 (plus $30 for boat food & air) is for a good cause: your Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Book early, because once a boat fills, it’s unavailable.

This year, we've got a major change: Early Bird Chamber Day pricing. If you reserve your spot and pay for it by March 31, it'll just be $95 (still plus the $30 food-and-air).

Boats will leave their respective docks at 7AM and head for Catalina. (Some boats may allow you to board the night before and sleep on board.) You’ll make two dives at Catalina and receive five daytime raffle tickets. To increase your chance of winning raffle prizes, you can purchase extra raffle tickets when you make your reservation, on the boat, or at the Chamber.

At some point during the day, your boat will dock in Big Fisherman’s Cove and everyone will disembark for a 75-minute tour of our Chamber facilities, including a chance for you to hear from first responders from L.A. County Lifeguards, rescue helicopter crews from the Coast Guard and/or Sheriff’s Department, and the Chamber crew will walk you around the Chamber itself. You’ll even go inside and be pressurized to a depth of 1 foot. (Hard to believe, but you’ll have to clear your ears.)

Most of the boats will arrive back at their docks by 5:30PM. (Some of the faster, smaller boats will be back earlier.) We try to contact all the boats to tell them who their raffle winners are. All the raffle prizes will be available in front of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach from 4:30-7PM at our drive-up raffle prize pick-up table.

Please remember that Chamber Day is a fundraising event and not a normal dive day charter. Due to the logistical issues involved, if weather conditions preclude the dive boats from safely going out on Chamber Day there will not be a make-up day. If weather forces us to cancel you will be transferred to the Flying Dutchman, and you will be given an additional 10 daytime raffle tickets.

The bottom line in all of this is that your continued support of our Chamber, in whatever form that takes, is essential for our Chamber to remain available and on-watch 24/7/365. And that means we need you to sign up for Chamber Day 2018 by calling a sponsoring shop or club, by calling our main number at 310-652-4990, or by going to our secure server. Come alone or bring a buddy, but don’t miss this special event!

CHAMBER EVE: Chamber Evening 2018

For a Donation of $120 You Receive:

  • Private Exploration of the Aquarium of the Pacific 
  • Catered Sit-Down Dinner in the Great Hall of the Pacific 
  • Five (5) Chamber Evening 2018 Raffle Tickets
  • One (1) Grand Prize Ticket
  • Chance to talk to Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber Crew Volunteers 

Especially for those who can’t take a Wednesday off from work . . .

The Aquarium and the Chamber Day Committee once again invite you to join us for an evening of fish, food, and fun. Chamber Eve 2018 is Wednesday, May 2, from 7:00 - 10:30PM. Because the Aquarium realizes the vital role our Chamber plays in the overall safety of the SoCal dive community, and because they realize what a valuable contribution the roughly 150 volunteer divers make to the smooth running of the Aquarium, they waive their normal facility fee­ for this event and host it for us at no charge. (We still pay for the food but that’s outside of the Aquarium’s control.)

Our ticket price is $120 per person. (Folks who do the daytime andevening events will receive an extra $20 in general day and eve raffle tickets as a bonus for doing both.) With attendance capped at 500, the earlier you sign up, the better.

Each table seats 10 for the sit-down, waiter-served dinner. Many of the tables are sponsored by area dive shops, clubs, and organizations. You can choose to sit with a group you know, or choose an "Open" tables and make some new friends. You can sign up directly with a table sponsor, through our web site (it also has a complete list of table sponsors), or by calling us at 310-652-4990. Just be sure you let us know where you want to sit.

We will also ask you to let us know specifically what you want to eat. The two choices are our "standard" meal (chicken) or the vegetarian/vegan meal (the specifics of each can be found below).

The doors open at 7PM. You’ll have over an hour to explore the Aquarium exhibits, check out the prizes, deposit your raffle tickets, make purchases at our merchandise table, drink, and mingle. Dinner will start a little after 8PM and our program gets underway after 9PM with remarks, raffle prizes, some stills and videos from the day, and a check presentation at the end. We usually wrap up around 10:15PM. It’s always a fun evening for everyone, so bring along your dive buddy or even a non-diving friend or Significant Other.

From 7-9PM, we’ll have our Blind Bid Auction where you can bid on items but can’t see what others have bid. This includes the highly-coveted Dive Immersion for Two at the Aquarium of the Pacific. So make your best offer and keep your fingers crossed. Winning bids will be announced throughout the evening.

When you buy your Chamber Evening dinner ticket, you’ll also get five evening general raffle tickets and one Grand Prize ticket. There will be opportunities to buy more raffle tickets when you get to the Aquarium. Total value of the evening raffle will be roughly $10,000 and prizes will include regulators, BCs, computers, and more. (Check out our website for a complete listing of all prizes and donors.)

There are some small changes to the raffles this year.

In addition to "Pick-A-Prize" as we've done in the past, this year we're also doing what we call a "targeted" raffle. There will be a bin for prize #1, a bin for prize #2,a bin for prize #3, and a bin for prizes #4-20 (based on value). You can "target" whatever you like with as many of your tickets as you like. Throw them all in for a specific prize or split them up. It's up to you.

The ultimate prize - and the last thing we'll award during the evening - is the Grand Prize, which this year is a trip to Guadalupe Island with Nautilus Explorer to give you a chance to go nose-to-nose with Great White Sharks.

Please note that this year, the Grand Prize tickets are separate from the general raffle tickets. You will get one Grand Prize ticket with your Chamber Eve ticket. You can buy more as well, for $5 each. But note that we'll only have 1,500 of these tickets available and once they're gone, they're gone. Buy more tickets and increase the odds of yours being the name that is drawn at the end of the evening, after the check presentation. And please note: You must be present to win.

All night, we’ll have full access to the Aquarium and its 12,000+ critters, comprising over 500 species and representing three major regions of the Pacific. In case you didn’t know, the Aquarium of the Pacific is the only aquarium that focuses exclusively on the Pacific Ocean. And it's the only Aquarium ever to breed a juvy Black Sea Bass which you can (and must) see in the Redondo Canyon exhibit, down the hall to the right just beyond our prize table.

As with Chamber Day, Chamber Evening tickets can be purchased by calling 310-652-4990 or by going to our secure server. Indicate how many tickets you want, what table you’d like to sit at, what you want to eat, if you'd like to add the V.G.D. Package, and how you want to pay. It’s as simple as that.

Mark the date - Wednesday, May 2. It’s the dive party of the year. Don’t miss it!

Grilled Vegetable Salad
Oregano Vinaigrette
Artisan Rolls & Focaccia
with herb accent butter

Chicken Entree- Chicken Breast with Heirloom Ragu Sauce
Cremini Mushroom Risotto

NOTE: Guests will need a ticket to give to waiter
Roasted Portobello w/ Balsamic Reduction
with Lemon Truffle Smashed Potatoes,
served with Grilled Tricolor peppers, Butternut squash, & grilled asparagus w/ balsamic reduction

Chocolate Timball 
Fresh Fruit plate - for Gluten Free guests & Vegan Guests

Coffee/Tea Service to be offered table side

FLYING DUTCHMAN: "DIVE" The Flying Dutchman

For a Donation of $95 You Receive:

Limited Edition Commemorative Flying Dutchman 2018 T-shirt with your name or "Pirate" name on the front* 
Five (5) Chamber Day 2018 Raffle Tickets 
Ticket to the Flying Dutchman "On-Board" Boat Raffle 
Listing of your Pirate Name as a Member of the Flying Dutchman"crew" on the T-shirt & on the On-Line Manifest

* Since we will be printing t-shirts only for those people signing up for the Flying Dutchman, the t-shirts will be sent out following Chamber Day with your "Pirate" name on it.

For those who can’t take a Wednesday off, we have the perfect solution—sign up for the Flying Dutchman. In nautical lore, the Flying Dutchman is bad news as it was the name of a mythical ship doomed to sail the seas forever and never reach port. But from a Chamber Day perspective, the Dutchman is a good thing because it helps us raise more money for our Chamber and gets you a unique T-shirt.


                                                        Our Flying Dutchman is the answer for folks who can't get wet on May 2nd but who want to say they “dove” the event. You                        

                                                        won’t really go anywhere but you’ll get all the other benefits of Chamber Day participation. An “on-board” raffle will be

                                                        conducted, just like on all the other boats, and you’ll get a T-shirt—but yours will be unique. (Remember that every year

                                                        the Dutchman logo is new and different.)

The limited-edition Flying Dutchman Chamber Day T-shirt is available ONLY to those who dive the Dutchman. The back of the shirt features a unique design each year, while the front of the shirt will have your name on it as a member of the “Lost Crew” of the Flying Dutchman. You can either use your real name or make up your pirate name—it’s your choice (though we retain the right of final approval on any pirate name submitted).

Cost for the Dutchman remains at $95. This includes your T-shirt, on-board raffle ticket, and 5 Chamber Day raffle tickets. It’s a great way to participate if you can’t get away for the day. Last year, we had 92 people “dive” the Dutchman each year and we're hoping that 2018 will be even better.

To sign up for the Dutchman, either sign-up using the secure server or call Chamber Day HQ at 310-652-4990.