SCUBA Instruction and Consulting Services 


Robert started diving in 2004 after moving to Las Vegas to work as an EMT. Soon after moving, his Supervisor, who is a diving instructor, invited him to join her PADI Open Water class that she had starting soon. Shortly after hitting the water, he never looked back. 

Diving has become more than a hobby for Robert. It became a passion and it is now a lifestyle. Robert progressed through the ranks of the PADI system of education and achieved the ranking of Master Instructor. In 2012, only 3% of all PADI members held this distinctive rating, and has now begun working with PADI Managers on his application for the Course Director Training Program. Additionally, Robert has become a Project AWARE 100% Partner.That means that every one of his students will receive a limited edition Project Aware Certification card. To ensure that his students learn about the ocean environment, Robert will donate $10 to Project AWARE on his students behalf. Robert also encourages his students to match, if not exceed his donation.

Robert currently holds Instructor ratings in many specialties and holds ratings as a Decompression Procedures diver and Advanced Nitrox Diver through TDI and IANTD. He is currently rated to dive to 180 feet, using custom blends of gas and oxygen to aid in decompression.

Robert still continues his passion for medical work as well as diving. In 2012, Robert became a Divers Alert Network Instructor Trainer. Robert teaches each individual module of the DAN DEMP program, as well as Diving First Aid for Professional Divers and the DAN CPR for Healthcare Provider. He is also a Trainer for each of these modules which allows him to certify Instructors.

In 2014, Robert was certified by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technicians as Dive Medic Technician (DMT) . Not only is Robert passionate about diving, but he is big on diver safety through education. Robert has taught diving and medical related classes to everyone from lay people to nurses and physicians. He knows how to take real world experience and apply it to the information being presented in a fun and light manor with some anecdotal humor mixed in to make for a well rounded relaxed class.

Additionally, Robert worked an Artist Handler and Safety Diver for Cirque du Soleils "O" at the Bellagio for almost 10 years. Collectively he has logged over 500 open water dives and nearly 5000 hours underwater. In 2015 Robert received a nomination by his peers for the prestigious Divers Alert Network/ Rolex Diver of the Year Award. Robert also is currently a full crew member who volunteers at Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber at the University of Southern California Wrigley Science Center on Catalina Island, in addition to working on several projects including a movie, Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away, produced by James Cameron and Andrew Adamson, the first ever One Night for One Drop, A Solitary Kite in the Sky, benefit, promoting clean drinking water around the world, was featured on the PADI jobs blog for his interesting work and has written an article for the Advanced Diving section of Divers Alert Network publication Alert Diver, Summer 2016.

January, 2018 brought a new opportunity to Robert, and the Southwestern United States. Robert was invited to Divers Alert Network Headquarters in Durham, North Carolina to attend the DAN Examiner Workshop. DAN Examiners are selected by DAN staff to attend based on their dedication, commitment and understanding of the DAN Educational Suite. Examiners are also selected based on geographic need. Until recent, the nearest Examiners were in Southern California. With Robert's appointment, this fills a gap and allows DAN to spread their to a much broader base. Currently there are roughly 25 examiners, worldwide. Robert still practices as an Advanced EMT serving the Las Vegas community and has held an EMT credential for 20 years.