Sin City Divers is more than classes and diving. We are about community. Regardless of dive shop or agency affiliation, we welcome you to come and see what we are about. 

As most of the world is covered in water, we want to make global impact from our small corner in the desert. In 2014, Sin City Divers lead the way in supporting the dive community in safety, health and environment. Here are some notable activities we sponsored

  • November 2013- Robert became the first 100% Project Aware member in the state of Nevada. Robert made a donation to Project Aware for each student he certified. In 2014, Robert raised just over $1000 to Project Aware between his donations and students matching donations. 
  • March 2014- Robert was certified as Dive Medics by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technicians. 
  • May 2014- Sin City Divers raised $500 in donations to support the Catalina Island Hyperbaric Chamber in support "CHAMBER DAY."
  • November 2014- Sin City Divers registered with Divers Alert Network as the first DAN Training Center in Nevada
  • December 2014- Robert completed the Chamber Operations Course and is interning to become a full volunteer crew member for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber

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Students pose for a picture upon completion of the PADI Surface Marker Buoy class at Cabinsite Point on Lake Mohave, Arizona 

Sin City Divers was founded in 2013 by PADI Master Instructor Robert Soncini. Robert wanted to find a way to unite the diving community regardless of their shop or agency affiliation. He also wanted to change the way that students learn. Sin City Divers training was born out of love and passion for diving

Sin City Divers focuses on simple basic principals. We provide quality education through smaller groups and focus on individual needs rather than trying to keep pace with the rest of the class. We believe in a performance based philosophy, and will continue to work with you until you tell us you are ready. 

Sin City Divers mission is simple. We make better, safer, qualified divers through quality education, safe dive practices and meeting your personal goals.