Join us for Chamber Day and Chamber Eve 2015

Although diving accidents are rare, can you imagine what it would be like NOT to have a recompression chamber around? A study has shown that 69% of diving accidents are caused by diver error. So can you imagine inadvertently doing something wrong, getting bent or embolized, and hearing "Sorry, there's nothing we can do for you." Fortunately, that's NOT the case in SoCal because, since 1974, we can rely on the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber to be there for us.

2015 marks the Chamber's 41st year of unbending service to the Southern California diving community. While our Chamber still gets about 50% of its funding from Los Angeles County, Chamber Day & Eve have become the major source of funds to keep our Chamber available to us 24/7/365. And that's why we hope you'll participate in Chamber Day & Eve 2015 on Wednesday, May 6. Last year we raised just under $100,000 for our Chamber. We are justifiably considered the largest single-day scuba charity event in the United States and perhaps even the world.

It is important to know that all monies raised go to the Chamber. No administrative fees are deducted from the proceeds, many of the local SoCal boats donate their time and services, the manufacturers donate gear for raffle prizes, the Aquarium of the Pacific donates their facility for Chamber Eve, hundreds of volunteers donate their time, and you (hopefully) donate your money.

Here’s what’s happening:

The main event is Chamber Day, which includes two dives at Catalina, plus a walking tour of the Chamber facilities at the Isthmus.  Chamber Day is  $140 and includes charter,air fills,  food,  the walking tour, a T-shirt, and 5 daytime raffle tickets. Robert will be on Staff at the Chamber facility to take part in the tour with you. Sport Chalet is sponsoring the Magician Dive boat. When you register on the chamber day website, sign up for the Magician to join your fellow Sport Chalet divers.

If you can’t take the day off but would still like to participate, we have the Flying Dutchman—a mythical boat, yes, but a big part of Chamber Day and the perfect option for those who can’t attend in person. “Diving” the Dutchman gets you 5 daytime raffle tickets and a special limited-edition T-shirt available only to folks who sign up for the Dutchman. The cost of diving the Dutchman price is $95. Additional daytime raffle tickets are available and the way to go—because you don’t need to be present to win. Tickets are $1 each, with discounts when you buy more.

Considering we are traveling from Las Vegas to attend this event, we will also be attending Chamber Eve which is held at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Chamber Evening, co-sponsored by the Aquarium of the Pacific, wraps things up. You'll have full access to the Aquarium, a sit-down dinner in the Great Hall (under the life-sized model of a blue whale), hear a few speeches—we try to keep them short—maybe win a raffle prize, and finally, cheer during the presentation of the Chamber Day check to Karl Huggins, Director of the Chamber. Chamber eve is $110 per person. We will also be looking at staying overnight in Long Beach, maybe aboard the Queen Mary and have a dive group outing in Long Beach or LA.

If any or all of this interests you, click here to sign up for any or all of the activities. We will also be hosting a fundraiser under the Chamber Challenge for those who wish to make a smaller contribution.