This kit contains:  

  • 2 oz Oxygen compatible syringe of Tribolube-71
  • Specially designed CTS damage reference plate with external probes
  • Inspection light with magnet
  • Mirror set / With 2 sizes of 2X mirrors
  • Low Voltage 50,000 hour LEd BRIGHT white light with dimmer
  • UV LED light strip
  • Custom made, detachable, inspection probes for the interior and exterior of the cylinder
  • A 4 oz sampled of Blue Gold for proper cleaning
  • Cylinder scraper to remove sticker and other outside contaminates
  • Valve tool to remove the handle and expose the bonnet nut
  • 100 Annual CTS Inspection stickers
  • Forty (40)Lint free pure wipes
  • Ten (10) low lint absorbent pads
  • Hole punch for stickers
  • Permanent marker for stickers and other markings on cylinders
  • Ten (10) size 214 Viton O-rings
  • Stainless steel pick
  • Twenty (20) non abrasive picks
  • Wire brush to clean 3/4 inch valve threads

 The kit is priced so that you get a 15% savings over individually priced components.

Everything you need  to inspect composite, steel or aluminum cylinders.  This kit contains the necessary parts to conduct a thorough inspection of the cylinder, and provides components to clean, lubricate and repair the valves. Added supplies help you maintain a lint free work area, lint free cleaning cloths and annual stickers to remind the user when the next inspection is due.