Vindicator's simple Red/ Green indicator can save your life or another diver. Replace your current valve handles with the Vindicator to easily identify whether your air is turned on or off!  Green means your air is on and it's safe to dive. Red means your air is off - Don't Dive! Available for Air, Nitrox and Oxygen

Handles are valve specific. Contact us to see if we have your valve style in stock 


CTS Deluxe Cylinder Inspection Kit. 

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DAN DEMP Instructor Qualification Course

$750.00 All Inclusive 

Cylinder Training Services Visual Inspection Program.

$275 all inclusive

DAN Health and Diving Series. 3 book series dealing with the ears and diving, the heart and diving and hazardous marine life injuries.


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DAN Grab and Go First Aid Kit

$18.00 plus tax

Xit 404 Pencil Kit. Comes with pencil, slate, eraser, tether and extra led